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The Library of Congress, National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

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Digital Talking Book Machine Information

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  1. Battery Charging Issues
  2. State of charge of battery for players shipped from manufacturer.
  3. Upgrading Software

Digital Talking Book Cartridge Information

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  1. Use of conventional USB flash drives
  2. Cartridge cost to Network


Laws and Regulations

DTBM Comparison to C1
C1 DTB Difference
Size 9" Wide; 11" Deep, 3" High
(297 Cubic Inches)
6.2" Wide; 8.8" Deep, 1.7" High
(93 Cubic Inches)
less than 1./3 the size
Weight 5lb 4.8oz 2lb 8.4oz less than 1/2 the weight
Overpack 4 8
Battery Capacity 8 hours (NiCd Battery) greater than 30 hours three time the play time
Longest Continuous Playtime 88 minutes more than 90 hours (1GB) more than 60 times playtime without intervention.
Audio frequency range 250Hz to 7KHz 200Hz to greater  than 12KHz

Cartridge and Container
(avg. 2)
DTB Difference
Container Size 4.4" Wide; 6" Deep, 1.5" High
(39.6 Cubic Inches)
4.4" Wide; 6" Deep, 0.75" High
(19.8 Cubic Inches)
half the size
Weight with media 7.7 oz 5.19 oz 2/3 the weight
Weight of media/label 1.32 oz
Weight of Container 3.87 oz